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im not exactly sure what to write about in a blog. i really dont. um...i like cats! and cheese! i think im supposed to be deep or something, but my stories are for that, so read those... OH! how about, if you have any questions about beauty products or how to take care of skin or hair with natural remedies then leave a comment. i can tell you how to make body scrub, natural oils, or soap (but so can google >_>) im a great listener if you want to tell random people about your daily troubles or questions....i guess you can use the question area on this page for that like bright colors!  my birthday is next weekend :D happy birthday to me happy birthday to me happy birthday to meeeeee happy birthday to me! (you can tell i put a lot of thought into this can't you?) i feel awkward. please leave comments or i'll be bored enough to force myself to tell a joke. the joke? how do you make a tissue start dancing? put a lil boogey in it! HAHAHAHAHAHA! no its really not that funny. im sorry.

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Posted on 02:53AM on Jan 14th, 2013
cool. sweet. i did fantastic then on my first one lol :)
Posted on 02:55AM on Jan 14th, 2013
I also like cats. And cheese. I like smoked cheese. And sharp cheddar cheese. BUT NEVER SWISS CHEESE. >:{
Posted on 02:55AM on Jan 14th, 2013
Yes, blogs are about writing about what ever you want, so apparently you are doing it right, and now that I've commented please...... don't tell any more jokes... lol... jk/jk....
Posted on 02:56AM on Jan 14th, 2013
Oh yea..... Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Posted on 02:59AM on Jan 14th, 2013
whoot whoot! jokes? what jokes? i cant tell jokes im a doctor lol sorry. that was especially bad just now...
Posted on 03:00AM on Jan 14th, 2013
i no longer feel alone! yay! hello world of the comments! :)
Posted on 03:01AM on Jan 14th, 2013
I think you're delightful. Just write about whatever is on your mind. There aren't any rules about this.
Posted on 03:04AM on Jan 14th, 2013
lol doctor jokes. they rule >_<
Posted on 08:57AM on Jan 16th, 2013
first of all.. happie bdayyy in advance.. excited? decided the dress?? n ohh i too love bright colours.. n cats.. okay not so much but hey hey i love dogs.. they're soft n huggable ryt? esp. those bigg ones.. n do you watch lisa pullano videos on youtube about beauty products? they're awesommeee..
Posted on 08:08PM on Jan 16th, 2013
i just colored my hair red with kool-aid so anything with beauty stuff is pretty much my thing lol and i have the PERFECT dress for when i go out to the club this saturday :D i invited my crush and he's coming so wish me luck! ;D
Posted on 07:16PM on Mar 22nd, 2013
you can make your blog whatever you want it to be:)
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